IDR Medical work with leading global manufacturers of in-vitro diagnostic solutions.

Our project experience extends across all major technology platforms (including; molecular, haematology and clinical chemistry) and applications (including; cardiology, infectious disease, critical care, autoimmune disease and oncology.)

We focus on both Laboratory and Point of Care Technologies (POCT), however, with healthcare’s emphasis shifting toward precision medicine, population health, and chronic disease management the majority of our clinical diagnostic engagements are on POCT.

As input to our POCT market studies we interview clinicians, laboratory personnel and payers to gather customer insights that shape new products and drive commercial success.

Typical insights gathered from clinicians include:

-whether an assay generates actionable information and fills a clinical need or gap
-if clinical workflow changes are needed to place the novel POCT in a new care pathway
-the response to the technology itself and product surrounds including training, quality control, sample flow, processing, results reporting, turnaround time etc.
-the value of integrating the platform to electronic medical records

Laboratory personnel provide input on:

-the clinical validity of the product in the target patient population
-the required performance specifications
-willingness to support/ challenges associated with the products being used at the point of care
-input on clinical studies (conducted or planned)

As part of these projects, we may also engage with payers. These could be hospital or laboratory purchasing managers, service providers or government organizations. Payer research would provide insight regarding reimbursement, price, and cost-effectiveness.

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