The medical device market is both competitive and complex.

Developing an innovative medical device that has the potential to improve patient care doesn’t necessarily guarantee your commercial success.

Launching your product without a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape or varying customer needs can lead to you failing to connect with your audience - resulting in a medical device launch that fails to live up to expectations.

At IDR Medical, we offer a range of market assessment services to ensure you have the insights you need to launch your medical device with confidence and maximize its market potential.  


Market assessment & valuation services

Our market assessment and valuation services provide critical insights into the size of the market, competitive dynamics and any patterns or trends you should be aware of.

This thorough analysis helps to identify key opportunities, mitigate potential threats, and optimize the pricing of your product - providing a strategic roadmap for successful market entry and profitable growth.


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Customer segmentation

The key to a successful launch of a medical device lies in understanding the unique needs and preferences of different customer segments.

Through effective customer needs analysis and segmentation, you can tailor your medical device to the end users' specific requirements, and develop communication plans that speak directly to their challenges and pain points - giving you a distinct competitive advantage.


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Patient flow analysis

By strategically mapping the journey of patients through the healthcare system, it’s possible to identify the key areas where your product can offer the most value, identify the decision-makers and influencers at each touchpoint, and uncover potential barriers to adoption and how to overcome them.

Our expertise and approach help medical device manufacturers understand the complex dynamics of how patients engage with healthcare providers, ultimately leading to more effective positioning of your device.



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See how marketing assessment helped a smart inhaler manufacturer

A leading global manufacturer of respiratory devices needed support to help them achieve success with their smart inhaler in the European market.

IDR Medical conducted a thorough market assessment, starting with an in-depth understanding of the existing technology, its capabilities, and the R&D plans for the future of the device.

The next step was to manage qualitative analysis with customers across Europe, including Key Opinion Leaders, Pulmonologists, and patients with advanced respiratory diseases. Our research gave us unique insights into the patient journey, the awareness of smart inhaler technology, the unmet needs and pain points with existing solutions, and the potential barriers to adoption.

From the outcomes of our research, our client was able to successfully refine their value proposition for Europe and identify clear points in the patient journey where their technology could improve patient outcomes. 


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Why choose IDR Medical?

With more than a decade of experience managing healthcare market research projects in more than 30 countries across the world, IDR Medical has the expertise and knowledge to help you launch your medical device successfully.

Our team has specialized knowledge in all areas of healthcare market research.

So whether your project requires market assessment and valuation, customer segmentation, or patient flow analysis, we have the experience to deliver valuable, actionable insights to help your launch succeed. 


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If you’re looking to uncover hidden insights and turn them into tangible, strategic recommendations, IDR Medical can help.


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