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Navigating healthcare pricing can be complex

Failing to develop an effective pricing model for your medical device can lead to lost revenue, reduced market share, and disappointing product take-up. 

At IDR Medical, we understand the challenges you face - which is why we specialize in creating tailored medical device pricing strategies based on your specific market conditions and customer preferences.

leveraging market research

Leveraging medical market research for informed pricing decisions

Don't let incorrect assumptions about pricing impact the success of your medical device.

Partner with IDR Medical and take advantage of our medical market research expertise to make informed pricing decisions that drive results.

Our approach goes beyond traditional methods, combining price sensitivity analysis with advanced techniques like Van Westendorp, Gabor Granger, and conjoint analysis.

By taking this in-depth approach, we’re able to uncover detailed insights into your target market and competitive landscape to identify the optimum pricing for your device. 

Optimize your medical device pricing for maximum impact

Once thorough research has been completed, our strategic healthcare pricing frameworks will help identify the optimal pricing strategy to resonate with your target market, secure a successful market entry, and ensure long-term profitability for your medical device. 

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What factors affect healthcare pricing?

We help you understand the key factors that influence your product's pricing strategy, so you can navigate the complex landscape of healthcare pricing with confidence.


Demand and competition

It's important not to underestimate the role that market dynamics play in shaping your pricing strategy. 

Gaining a thorough understanding of the competition and market trends allows you to position your product optimally.


Design complexity


The complexity of your product design can directly impact your production costs. 

We can help you understand the features and benefits that are most important to your target audience, so you're better able to strike a balance between product complexity and manufacturing expenses.

Production volume


The volume of your production runs can significantly impact your manufacturing costs. 

We'll help you understand the true market demand for your product, so you can achieve the best possible economies of scale, without worrying about being left with surplus stock.


Supply chain and sourcing

An efficient supply chain is essential for maintaining competitive pricing. 

We can help you streamline your supply chain to help keep costs under control and your product pricing competitive.




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approach to healthcare pricing

Our approach to healthcare pricing

We take a unique approach to healthcare pricing by combining quantitative and qualitative market research methodologies. 

We recognize that every medical device faces a unique set of market conditions, which is why we tailor our research approach to meet your specific product needs.

This ensures that our recommended pricing strategy is informed by a thorough understanding of your customer requirements, the current market conditions, and the competitive environment. 

By leveraging a range of advanced research techniques, we provide pricing solutions that give you the winning edge and ensure your medical device achieves the best possible launch and long-term profitability.


Healthcare pricing strategy benefits

Our healthcare pricing strategies are designed to surpass our client's expectations through customized approaches that deliver measurable results. By partnering with IDR Medical for your pricing strategy, you can give your business the best chance of a successful medical device product launch, enhanced customer satisfaction, increased profit margins, and long-term sustainability in the competitive healthcare market.

Profit margins

By fine-tuning your pricing strategy to reflect the true market value of your product, we can help you deliver optimal profit margins and drive business growth.

Product launches

Our research-driven approach to healthcare pricing ensures your medical device launches successfully, resonating with the market for immediate uptake.

Customer satisfaction

Based on our research results, we’ll ensure that your medical device pricing aligns with customer expectations, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty to your brand.

Long-term sustainability

Our ongoing support and market assessments will help ensure you have the insight you need to adapt to changing market conditions, securing the long-term profitability of your device. 

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