Our approach

Draws on quantitative and qualitative market research and provides an optimal pricing framework informed by customers, market conditions and the competitive environment.

IDR Medical use innovative research methods to measure price sensitivity in real-world situations.

Our pricing projects worldwide have given us significant experience in almost every medical technology industry, and aspect of pricing.  From wound care devices to patient monitoring equipment, from new product launches to indication expansions, we have developed successful price strategies that have achieved tangible results for our clients.

We also help our medical technology clients navigate recent trends, including the advent of “as a service” pricing models, and the challenges in maintaining country specific pricing models in a more transparent global medical technology industry.

Our extensive expertise and robust set of tools and analytical capabilities will help you determine the pricing strategy that will boost margins and drive uptake.  We use a range of methodologies to measure price sensitivity including Conjoint, Gabor Granger, Van Westendorp and Monadic designs. Although these methodologies have limitations in healthcare markets used selectively, they can deliver excellent results.

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If you’re looking to uncover hidden insights and turn them into tangible, strategic recommendations, IDR Medical can help.

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Case studies

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