Decision making and diagnoses are critically dependent on medical imaging. It is essential across all stages of patient care including prevention, progression, monitoring and therapy.

Our experience is focused on the below areas.

Core Imaging Modalities

We work with manufacturers of core imaging modalities including MRI, CT, Nuclear Imaging, X-Ray and Ultrasound.  We assess market opportunities and market test concepts for solutions that provide faster imaging, improved resolution and lower radiation.  Enabling care providers to achieve better patient outcomes, improve the patient experience and increase their productivity.

PACS and Enterprise Imaging

We work with PACS and Enterprise Imaging solution providers to explore market opportunities and customer needs surrounding innovative products and services that increase accessibility and interoperability for health systems.  As input to these projects, we conduct global market research programs with healthcare IT personnel, radiology leadership and C-Suite executives.

Interventional Radiology

In little over 50 years, Interventional Radiology has developed an impressive repertoire of minimally invasive procedures that have revolutionized the practice of medicine. Our engagements in this field support leading med-tech companies in pursuing device and method innovation.

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