We frequently investigate market opportunity for instruments and services used in the OR, ranging from low-cost items to complex high-tech robotic solutions. Our surgical projects often focus on product innovation, value proposition development or pricing strategy.

Our surgical focus areas are detailed below:

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Surgical interventional techniques have undergone a sea change with developments in minimally invasive methods. Procedures are now be performed with less pain, fewer complexities and smaller incisions, all owing to the advancements in the field of minimally invasive techniques. MIS markets we have explored include: robotics, laparoscopes, ligation instruments, inflation systems and electrosurgical instrumentation.

Vascular and Cardiac Surgery

Over the last decade, minimally invasive cardiothoracic surgery has surged in popularity because of the benefits of this procedure such as reduced surgical trauma and decreased pain in the surgical area. Our engagements in this field support leading med-tech companies in understanding customer and market insights so they can pursue and succeed in device and method innovation.

Neuro and Spine Surgery

Minimally invasive technologies, motion preservation, neuro-navigation and the use of biological substances to reduce the number of traditional and revision procedures are just a few of the markets we have explored in the area of spine and neurosurgery. Our engagements in this field range from exploring the potential of an asset for acquisition to gathering customer and market insights to drive product innovation and define compelling value propositions.

Orthopedic Surgery

One of the biggest challenges for orthopaedics companies is to differentiate themselves and drive technology innovations that improve patient outcomes, reduce surgical time and the total cost of care. Our projects in this field range from exploring the potential of innovative technologies to gathering customer and market insights that define compelling value propositions that make our client’s offering unique and disrupt the status quo.

Wound Care & Disposables

In our ageing societies, wound, ostomy and incontinence care are becoming increasingly relevant, and as such, these markets are experiencing a surge of growth and innovation. For more than a decade, IDR Medical have been supporting leading industry players in gathering market and customer insights to drive strategic and product design decision making.

Wound Care

Our experience in wound care covers the entire spectrum of advanced wound dressings/ solutions from silicone foams and gelling fibres to negative pressure and oxygen therapy. We engage with wound specialist nurses, purchasing personnel and other healthcare professionals to gather customer insights that shape new products and drive commercial success.

Medical Disposables

One might think the most important factor in the design of single-use products is cost, but disposable medical devices require a careful balance between performance, cost, reliability, materials, and shelf life. IDR Medical have conducted hundreds of projects across a variety of medical disposable markets; from ostomy and incontinence devices to safety syringes, catheters and single-use endoscopes. A key theme in our research and our client’s innovations is infection control.

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